Make Your Estimates More Accurate

A sound estimate starts with a work breakdown structure (WBS).

Why Dowork?

These are the benefits you gain by using Dowork.

Successful Project Planning

Proper estimation is the key for sucessful project planning. 30% of projects fail because of inaccurate estimation.

Increased Project Success Rate

Higher project success rate means more profit but moreover high team morale.

Accurate Time to Market Forecast

First mover always wins. Accurate estimation plays important role in competition.

High Customer Retention

Happy customers bring more oppurtunities. Adequate estimation creates more transparency on project deadline and cost.

How it works

Dowork is super easy to use and it doesn't require extra skills.


Step 1:
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Estimation starts with proper work breakdown. Dowork helps you easily breakdown your work into smaller pieces. Then you can start your estimation using "Three point estimation" approach and verify with "Standard Deviation".


Step 2:

It is crucial to avoid estimation by single person. Invite your colleagues, brainstorm and create the work breakdown structure together.


Step 3:
Review Estimations

While the work breakdown structure is created together, estimations are put individually. When everybody submits their estimation team can see the differences in green or red correspondingly if differences are low or high. Project owner resolves issues by selecting individual estimation for each task.


Step 4:

An accurate work breakdown structure is not enough for proper estimation. It is always important to consider the uncertainty level of scope knowledge. Besides, it is crucial to consider overhead and other disciplines buffering.


Step 5:

Organize your project timeline using Gantt chart. Here you can distribute your tasks between disciplines, assign or change the start date by dragging on Gantt chart, or just ask Dowork.ai to automatically order tasks based on the start date you select.



Now, out of all the numbers you have calculated you need a few important ones which show how many days you need to deliver the project and how much it will cost. Happy estimating and good luck with your projects!

About Us


Hello, my name is Mushegh, I'm the CEO and Founder of Dowork. I have been in the Software Development field for the last 15 years. During these years the estimation has been always a challenge for me and I have been looking for a simple solution that I could not find. Finally, I have decided to create one since I believe I'm not the only one who struggles to find it. This is just the beginning of our journey and I believe much more we have ahead of us. If you are interested and would like to become a part of this journey drop me an email (mushegh@dowork.ai) or connect me on LinkedIn. For now, get started with Dowork and let me know your feedback.

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