Slack Standup Bots in 2022
Azniv Resyan Digital Marketing ManagerMay 27, 2022

Slack Standup Bots in 2022

According to the future forum’s pulse survey 94% of employees want work schedule flexibility, which is applied not only to timezone differences but also to working with different time shifts within your team. The new reality has been quite challenging for everyone who used to work from the office, maintaining all of their team communication through in-person meetings and discussions.

For some companies, it has become a real headache, but everyone realizes that to run a successful business you need handy tools rather than a big crew in the office.

Now, for deciding which management tools you want to trust in your company, you need to be careful, because the team efficiency and work process optimization will mostly depend on those tools.

Why are daily standups important?

The point of a daily standup meeting is to help boost team coordination. Stand-up meetings reduce roadblocks bringing an issue to the team’s attention sooner which means you can develop a solution more quickly.

Different teams have different approaches to daily standups, but there are a lot of tools that help teams automate those long, sometimes irritating processes.

Are you looking for Slack Stand-Up Bot? is AI-powered Slack Bot for distributed teams to handle stand-ups asynchronously.

What is a Standup Slackbot?

A Slack Standup Bot gathers information from your team and posts it in a team channel, helping the team to trail their goals, remove blocks and be always in sync.

Companies often put in practice Slack Virtual Standup Bots for a couple of reasons:

  1. Standups consume too much time, and in the end, everyone becomes irritated and anxious.
  2. There are always issues with scheduling daily Standups, as some parts of the team are remote, and the timezone is different.

The wonderful world of Standup Bots

There are many Standup Bots currently that help to establish asynchronous standups  in Slack, helping the teams to be on the loop, to be aware of the blockages, stay connected and avoid long interrupting meetings.

It can be a challenging and tiresome process to find the right Bot that will match all the requirements, as there are various options in the market.

We highlighted three Slack Standup Bots for you. Read now and thank us later!

  1. Bot
  2. Geekbot
  3. Standuply

Disclaimer: Bot is our service. Down below, you will read a fair representation of the product, because we want you to be informed when you make your decision. Bot Bot Bot

What is Bot? Bot is an AI-powered Slack Bot for distributed teams to handle standups asynchronously.

It is ideal for teams who like to be focused. Bot is humanized. Working with it is familiar to working with any of your teammates. The bot messages questions and you answer back.

It comes with a bunch of handy features and is super easy to use.

In the team alignment process and project deliverables, it turns out there are a lot of back-and-forth issues and blocks that, if unknown, can be vital for a project. Standupbot will make very little noise, but meantime it will drastically improve team collaboration, alignment, and deliverables.

How does it work?

The bot will have AI-Powered humanized discussions with your team members, to collect updates on the project.

  1. Once the dialogue is finished and there is a complete update from a team member, the bot will post the summary in 2 to 3 sentences in your team channel where all the team members can access it.
  2. The bot will summarize the status updates in an appropriate form by fixing all the grammatical mistakes.
  3. You will select a standup strategy and the bot will automatically adjust and use corresponding natural language to talk to users.
  4. Based on the collected information, the Bot will extract all the actions for the team and provide an update if there are any blockages. Action items will be assigned by name.


Standuply Bot

What is Standuply?

Standuply Slack Bot is another great tool to run asynchronous slack standup meetings.

Standuply is a Digital Scrum Master or Project Manager that works in between different teams and runs all the scrum processes async. One thing that differentiates Standuply from other tools is that managers can make all the standup answers go directly to them.

What are some of the features that will help your projects succeed?

  1. You can run a bunch of  reports on a schedule or nonparallel
  2. Make up your questions or use provided templates
  3. Attach voice/video messages to your standup reports
  4. Give multi-admin access to your team.


Geekbot standup bot

What is Geekbot?

Geekbot is a standupbot that integrates with Slack and lets teams run asynchronous daily standups and retrospectives based upon data.

The idea behind Geekbot is not only to help your teams to stay in sync but also to be aware of the emotional state of your teammate. How are they doing? What if anything that makes them feel uncomfortable?

Your team will always stay in sync, even across time zones, and your team will always have the feeling that you care about them and their well-being.

Geekbot allows you not only to run daily standups and retrospectives, but you can take all your face to face  meetings entirely online.

What are some features that stand out?

  1. Asynchronous standups, where all the information is shared in a Slack channel
  2. Geekbot shares records on a committed channel, which brings  your teammates up to speed in minutes.
  3. Assigning actions by name
  4. Happiness graph, to help you step in when there is a need.
Are you looking for Slack Stand-Up Bot? is AI-powered Slack Bot for distributed teams to handle stand-ups asynchronously.

Summing up

There are multiple solutions in the market currently that support the idea of the future of work! You can’t ignore the fact that if you want to run a successful business, you need to incorporate modern solutions into your existing processes. One thing is for certain, if there is anything that will help decrease the amount of stress within your team daily, it’s worth trying. Check on these tools, use them for a certain amount of time, and make your decision based on your knowledge and experience.

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