Run Your Daily Standups Right In Your Slack!
Azniv Resyan Digital Marketing ManagerAugust 03, 2022

Run Your Daily Standups Right In Your Slack!

When you think of the word, “terraforming” you probably think of Mars and other planets with red soil and desert-like conditions, or you think of the green alien from space.

But what does all this have to do with Slack standup bots? Well, not so much in a literal sense. It is a different type of terraformation – one that involves modern communication and collaboration methods where Slack standup bots can play a pivotal role.

Standup bots are an essential part of any company’s culture because they help introduce structure, accountability, and transparency into the team’s daily activities. They create more organized and easily accessible information about every employee on your team. And they also make it easier for everyone to stay on track by sending them automated reminders at specific times throughout the day or week when they need to perform some specific task.

If you are not familiar with Stand-Ups you can check our latest article to gain information and understand the value preposition of Slack standup bots.

Let’s dive into the depth and see why it is important to use standup bots for your Slack standup meetings.

What Can Slack Standup Bots do?

Slack standup bots are designed to help small or larger teams to handle their Slack standup meetings more efficiently. The spectrum they cover is very large and diverse. Depending on what problems you are trying to solve you can choose a Slack meeting bot that fits your team the best.

There are several very significant points you should always remember if you decide to implement a Slack standup bot to your daily routine.

  • There are a lot of free Slack standup bots currently in the market, so if you are hesitating, know that you can always try and if it doesn’t add value to your team you can quit.
  • The management of a Slack standup bot is very easy. You don’t have to worry about your time or efforts. With minimal efforts you can implement a long term solution for your team collaboration and consistency.
  • Running Slack virtual standups is something that you shouldn’t be afraid of. Of course in person communication is very important and no one argues that, but imagine your team spending less time on long, sometimes not productive meetings, instead of spending 1 minute to give updates on major accomplishments.

This is when you realize that Slack standup bot is not here to fully replace your in person meetings, or to decrease human value, it is here to make those in person communications even more productive.

Now let’s see what Slack standup bots can do!

Slack Standup Bots Create Structure

One of the most essential reasons why teams need standup bots is to create structure. It’s easy for employees to get distracted or lose track of what they should be focusing on if they’re not being held accountable for their daily activities. Standup bots create a structure that clearly outlines what is expected of each member of the team and when.

Standup bots also help create structure by providing employees with a clear outline of what they are supposed to be accomplishing each day. This can also help them avoid any burnout that might be caused by overworking themselves because they clearly have a visual reminder of what they should be focusing on each day.


This is critical when the company is growing quickly and there are many new employees who are unfamiliar with the company culture. Standup bots can help keep employees accountable by sending reminders to each team member. These reminders can be sent at certain times, such as at the end of each day, or they can be sent when certain tasks are due.

When you create a Slack standup bot, you can specify how long you want the reminders to be sent to each member of the team. You can even create bots that keep track of how many times they’ve been sent to each team member and how they’ve responded to them. This can help you identify any team members who might need a little extra guidance or assistance so that you can adequately address it.


Transparency can help prevent any miscommunication among team members and make it easier for everyone to understand what everyone else is doing. Creating a transparency bot is easy. All you have to do is create a channel on Slack where team members can post updates about what they’re currently working on.

When you create transparency bots, everything that’s posted to them is automatically copied to the general channels where other team members can view it. This makes it easier for everyone to stay on track because they can easily see what everyone else is working on. This also ensures that no one is getting left out of any conversations because they can easily view what’s being posted on the general channels as well.


Collaboration makes it easier for team members to bounce ideas off of each other, get assistance when they need it, and feel included in the daily activities that go on in the office. Collaboration is often easier when there is clear communication, so creating a forum where team members can easily communicate with one another can make collaboration even more seamless.

How to Terraform Your Company With a Slack Standup Bot?

Terraforming, as you might have guessed, is all about making gradual changes to your company to transform it into something that is more viable and sustainable.

In this case, it means gradually transforming your company into something that runs more smoothly and efficiently by incorporating modern communication and collaboration methods like Slack standup bots. There are numerous ways you can do this, such as: 

  1. Create a Slack bot that sends daily updates to all employees, This can help make it easier for everyone to see what everyone else is working on, and it can also help reduce miscommunication and misdirection by making it easier for everyone to see what others are up to.
  2. Create a transparency bot that shows what each department is working on and their goals  for the coming week. This can not only help you see what progress is being made, but it can also make it easier for team members to bounce ideas off of each other and collaborate with one another.


Terraforming your company by incorporating modern communication and collaboration methods like Slack standup bots can make it easier for you to thrive in today’s competitive business landscape. It can also make it easier for you to remain competitive because it can help you attract and retain better employees.

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