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What Project Management Software to Use for a Marketing Department

Mushegh GevorgyanCEO & Founder @
October 14, 2021

Finding decent project management software for marketing departments can be a daunting task. Usually, software development teams find what they need easier than marketing teams do. This is an opinion based on my experience as a CEO of a software development company.

The reason for this is that in software development, Agile is preached and practiced heavily. There are project managers or scrum masters or both working with development teams. And these people make sure that either Kanban or Scrum or a mix of those two project management methodologies are applied while doing software development.

However, things sometimes get complicated with marketing teams. Most of the time, marketing teams have marketing managers, senior marketing managers, and directors, but they don’t always have project managers. Because of that, marketing departments in big companies struggle with setting up the right processes, estimating marketing projects, planning and tracking those.

With this in mind, we’ve built project management software for marketing departments. We kept in mind all the best practices of project management for software development companies and tried to replicate those to make the lives of marketing teams easier.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the marketing project management tool that we’ve built - And see what it can do for your marketing team.

Project management software for marketing departments with robust project estimation features

We all know that before launching a marketing campaign, marketers do a roundtable to plan the campaign. Planning is a great way to make sure you are going to hit the desired goal. However, what is sometimes overlooked is marketing project estimation.

By marketing project estimation, I mean estimating three things:

  • Timeline for project planning and completion
  • Costs of the marketing project
  • Resources required to deliver the project

With, estimating a marketing project for your marketing department is as easy as one, two, three. Here is why. For each campaign you want to kickstart through, you can open a separate Project, add team members to help estimate the timeline and project's costs. In the Staffing section, you can add all the marketers, creatives, copywriters, designers, pretty much anyone who is going to work on the project. You can then decide how many hours per day each person is going to allocate to the given project. We all know that marketing departments in bigger companies can have multiple projects going on. So, this way, you will know exactly who is going to work on each project and how much time daily or weekly they are going to spend on that work.

Staffing in project management

Vigorous task management features

Tasks are the building blocks of a bigger project. They help set the right expectations from each team member and track the progress of the whole marketing project. In marketing teams with no task management, several people might end up working on the same thing. Obviously, that’s not the best way people could be spending their time in your team. To avoid a scenario like this, you can use to build your marketing team's unique work breakdown structure.

Create phases of a project, task groups, and tasks and assign them to different people in the team. You can set due dates for each task and track the progress of each respectively.

Easy-to-use marketing project management software to track the progress of each project

A simple Kanban board is one of the most used tools for tracking project progress in software development. At, we are offering you to use them too. Drag and drop each task or task group in the Board and assign statuses such as “To do,” “In progress, “Done,” “On hold,” or others, respectively.

Timeline view aka Gantt chart to help see the big picture

Losing the big picture while doing multiple marketing projects simultaneously is easy. But frustrating. We’ve built a timeline view for you to see when exactly and who is going to deliver each milestone.

Timeline View in

What's next?

There is so much more to that you could explore and make use of. Marketers don’t have to struggle because of the lack of project managers in their teams. With the right project management software for marketing departments, you can nail down any project regardless of how challenging it is.

Register with for free and start your first marketing project from scratch. It’s easy and so much fun!

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