How To Run Remote Standups?
Azniv Resyan Digital Marketing ManagerJune 30, 2022

How To Run Remote Stand-ups?

Async work model has increased in popularity over the past two years. The trend behind async is that you have the flexibility to work remotely and in a timezone that best suits your needs. Make sure you check out our latest article about Asynchronous Work Model to understand what it is and how you can make the shift to it less painful for the team.

Now you might wonder, how can a person possibly stay up to date in this case?

Well, the answer is straightforward!

The Slack Standup Bot makes this possible. It keeps teams aligned during project development and lets everyone see the progress others are making. With the Slack Standup and Async work model, you can ensure your team is working well together.

Using Slack Standup Bot in a business context is becoming increasingly common. The potential automation and time-saving features are what Async teams need but using a Slack meeting bot for your standup could be a little intimidating. How do you set it up? How do you get the most out of this new technology?

Let’s break this down into smaller, more digestible pieces and discuss everything step-by-step.

What is a Stand-Up?

A standup is a daily team meeting where team members discuss what they worked on yesterday, what they will work on today and any obstacles they face. Organizations use standups to keep everyone in the loop on what their colleagues are doing and to make sure important information doesn't get missed.

With remote work becoming more and more popular, standups are often used to help make the distributed team concept work better. Standups are a great way to keep everyone on the team informed while fostering a sense of togetherness and transparency.

How to run remote meetings with a Slack Standup Bot?

A standup bot is designed to make the Slack standup meeting an automated process. It will help participants share what they did yesterday, what they are doing today and anything that's blocking their workflow. Standupbots can also help you set up a time to run an async standup meeting.

Before you can use a Slack Standup Bot, you first have to find one that fits your needs. You can search online or ask other teams if they know of a good bot you can use. There are multiple versions on the market and they all have their way of use.

For instance, to use the Bot, you will simply need to install the bot. Add it to your Slack account. Once the bot has been added to your Slack account, add it to your team channel and once it is added the Slackbot will handle the rest.

Are you looking for Slack Stand-Up Bot? is AI-powered Slack Bot for distributed teams to handle stand-ups asynchronously.

Why to use a Standup Bot?

Slack Standup Bots can help keep the meeting on track by sending slack daily standup reminders to the participants to make sure they share the information they were asked to provide.

It can also help you keep track of who responded and who didn't. By using a standup bot to manage your standups, you can make sure that everyone is fulfilling their responsibilities while also helping them focus on what they need to do.

The bot can prompt team members to share their progress, help them identify issues they might be facing, and then let you know if someone needs help.

How does the Team use the Slack Standup Bot?

The journey of the Bot started right with the team. As a partially distributed team that works in Async mode, there is a lot of personal flexibility and freedom, but in terms of keeping everyone in the loop, it sometimes becomes a nightmare.

It is easier to build a product when you have an example of the problem right in front of you. Unless you understand where the issue lies, you might try hundreds of solutions and none of them might work.

Once the prototype was ready, our team rushed to start using it, because if this tool helps us, then there is a chance it will help others too. It was like throwing ourselves into the Black Hole where there were a lot of unexplained things and new potentialities to be discovered.

Every day we learn something new and every day we see improvements in our hybrid journey.

The Bot holds humanized discussions, which are so fun and interesting. It never bothers you with hundreds of questions, but always tries to motivate you and help share your progress in the best way possible.


Asynchronous work is on the rise, and with it comes the need for better ways to keep teams in the loop. That’s why more organizations are adopting standup bots to help manage the meeting process. Standup is an essential part of distributed team communication. It helps teams keep each other informed while helping to identify potential issues.

With the right bot, teams can make sure their communication is on point and that their projects stay on track. Don’t be afraid of trying new tools, some might work, some might not, but in the end, you know you gave it a try!

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