Best Project Management Tools for Software Development

Best Project Management Tools for Software Development

Project management tools are evolving with time, especially after COVID-19. Numerous project management tools cover a wide gamut of features, pricing, and specialties. To best identify which project management software you would trust for your company, project managers should learn and adapt to new techniques that enable them to stay efficient and optimize their work processes. The goal of a project manager should ultimately be to enable the employees of a company to work faster and better. 

What is project management software?

Project management software is used by various industries for project planning, resource optimization, and cost allocation. Project management provides paramount support to businesses by enabling them to organize and manage their projects effectively. Software available such as and help project managers and entire teams successfully estimate projects, manage tasks, track budgets, prepare charts, and work simultaneously on documents.

A project management tool allows you to easily create a priority of tasks in a project. This allows for the efficient and effective completion of a project as tasks are grouped by priority. It also lets you pick which steps are sequential and which tasks are dependent on one another. Ultimately, these tools make it easier for a team to do their work and obtain the best results. 

What is the best project management tool for software development?

It can be hard to decide which sources of information to follow when utilizing project management tools. Everyone expects you to develop accurate project estimation and execution, but which sources do you follow and trust? To answer this, why we’ve created a list of the top 5 management tools that your business needs to achieve the best possible level of productivity. 



If you want to keep track of everything that everyone on your team is working on, Asana is the tool for you. It gives you a visual project timeline and enables you to create the task list you want and then move it as much as you like. You can also set up your progress and easily schedule and reschedule dates into your calendar. However, many new users find Asana challenging to navigate and confusing to use because of its intimidating graphics. There seems to be a big learning curve, making it difficult for newbies to utilize Asana.



This tool has various communication features that make it easy to stay up to date on what’s happening in your projects. The software lets you create timelines, templates, and a customizable dashboard to track efforts across the project steps. Wrike makes this easy to work with popular platforms such as Outlook, iCalendar, and Google, allowing you to integrate all your information into one place. However, there have been some complaints regarding notifications. Customers have argued that some integrations, such as Outlook, result in notifications with more than an hour delay. Thus, users have to constantly check their inbox, or they may miss an important project conversation.   



Trello is a great tool to use for keeping track of all your different tasks and projects. It allows you to create multiple dashboards and easily switch between boards, creating any tasks that you want within them. The interface is very user-friendly and allows you to choose different modes and features that you may need. One downfall of Trello, however, is that it is difficult to use when handling big projects. It is more suitable for simple team projects or when you don’t need to scale.



If you want an open-source framework that lets you create any integrations, Monday is the tool for you. This project management tool allows numerous features, including following Twitter and LinkedIn threads and even commenting on different tasks. It is a great collaboration tool for multiple employees and allows you to choose between different pricing structures depending on the size of your team. However, Monday does not provide a tool for tracking each team member’s time spent on specific tasks. This can be a big issue for businesses that have clients or use contractors to do their projects.

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Although many different tools can be useful for project planning, execution, and successful delivery, most of them don’t solve the pain of estimating a project scope, timeline, and budgeting at the very early stages of project planning. effectively provides resources to focus on the initial estimation stage of a project. It gives you innovative tools that make teamwork and collaboration streamlined and simple both internally and externally. is built to specifically cater to outsourcing businesses and agencies by helping them provide accurate project estimates for both internal and external client-facing use. The software uses a work breakdown structure (WBS), in which a project is first broken down into phases, then tasks, and finally into subtasks, if needed, to estimate each unit flawlessly. can provide estimates for various projects, including sales, software development, marketing, and construction. After the project is initiated, you can then create all the tasks needed to complete a project from start to finish. Also, you can provide 3 types of estimates for each task – optimistic, most likely, and pessimistic. This provides you and your team with three distinct expectations based on the type of outcome.

Once the tasks are created, you can then assign estimates to each one and assign them to different team members.  Furthermore, you will be able to determine how many people it will take to finish a particular task, streamlining operations and allowing you to plan further ahead. The benefits for a project manager include more efficient task and resource management and fewer fluctuations in project estimations. With, you can manage tasks and goals optimally, without the need to make changes after an estimation is done. This will help prevent back and forth communication or confusion with the clients. 

Summing up

If you are looking for a way to run your business more smoothly and make sure that you are on top of everything, you need to incorporate these or similar project management tools into your work. Check out how each of them can work for you and what features can be most helpful for your teams. If you want to discover more, try for free today!