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What Project Management Software to Use as an Advertising Agency

Mushegh GevorgyanCEO & Founder @
September 26, 2021

Chaos is the second name of most advertising agencies. Ad agencies struggle with time management, client relationship management, resource management. And the list goes on. However, there are great ways to bring order to chaos. One way can be finding an advertising agency project management software. It will allow you to eliminate the mess, and accurately track the details that matter. This will ensure your team delivers on time, every time. In this article, I will describe how can become your tool of choice as an advertising agency project management software. It will help manage your advertising agency projects more quickly. And stay focused on what matters most.

Let’s break it down per ad agency pain points.

Project managers don’t have the right advertising agency project management software in their hands

Project managers in an advertising agency are the bread and butter of the business. They are the driving force behind all the projects, and pretty much anything (good) happening inside the agency.

Since these folks are the ones who keep the mechanism working, they need to be equipped with modern tools rather than outdated software or, what is worse, spreadsheets, millions of spreadsheets.

Hence, don’t force your project managers to use inefficient tools. Instead, provide them with the right advertising agency project management software so that they can drive your business forward.

With, ad agencies can say “bye” to spreadsheets and color blocking, as well as endless email threads with clients and stakeholders. Think of as your one-stop shop for advertising agency project management. Your project managers can start with project estimation through and keep on with planning, execution, and tracking all in one single space. 

CEOs usually lose the big picture of what’s happening inside their advertising agency

Losing the big picture is not the problem of only advertising agency CEOs but CEOs generally. As a CEO of an advertising agency, you have to keep the balance between being the manager of all your project managers, the manager of all your sales managers, and the manager of the HR folks in your agency, and so much more depending on the size of your company.

If this looks like you, then most probably, you will lose control over a lot of important details at some point, or you have lost it already.

No worries, though. You can quickly regain control of what matters most by using the right project management software. will be the central place where you can access all the projects, deadlines, budgets, briefs, and resources in your advertising agency. Your teams will always have the details they need, and you will be able to review them anytime, anywhere. This will empower your teams to deliver better results and will also help you stay in the loop of what’s happening inside your company.

Something suddenly goes wrong, and people miss deadlines

Missing deadlines is pretty common in advertising agencies. A designer may deliver the wrong creative, the creative may have the wrong copy on it, the copywriter may misspell a word on an ad banner, and here you go – a missed deadline.

Project Management meme

When estimating projects in an advertising agency, it’s essential to have the timeline of everything happening. And in case there is a delay in any of the deliverables, you can see what has gone wrong and understand if you are going to explain things to the client or if everything is still under control. allows you to estimate projects by breaking down projects into phases, task groups, tasks, and subtasks. Each of these items can have a likely, optimistic, and pessimistic date of completion. will calculate the average of these three for you. You can then decide which deadline for a specific milestone you are going to pick. Apart from that, you can view all your milestones on a timeline with a Gantt chart view and see who is responsible for what and when exactly they are going to deliver it.

Some employees in an advertising agency are overloaded while others are just scrolling through, well, TikTok

Optimizing agency capacity is one of the key revenue drivers. We all know that, but we don’t always get the chance to monitor the workload of each and every employee.

This can result in some people being overloaded with work and others not having enough tasks to complete or projects to own.

To avoid this, manage your internal resources through You’ll see where you stand in terms of your ad agency capacity. The Resource Management section in allows you to see which of your teams is overloaded. And who could take on some more projects.

Wrapping up

The right advertising agency project management software can save you time and money. It will also help boost employee productivity and client satisfaction.

We at, will be happy to make a live demo for you and show you how we can help set up the right processes in your agency.

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